Grade 7: Proportional Relationships (CCSSM Version)

Grade 7: Proportional Relationships (CCSSM Version)

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  • Equivalent Ratios and Constant Ratio Tests for Proportionality
  • Equation y = kx Test for Proportionality
  • Graphing Test for Proportionality

Unit includes

  • 12 high-level tasks with associated QuickStarts, Practices, Applications, and Quick Writes.
  • 3 checkpoints and 4 support activities.
  • 1 final performance-based assessment with scoring guide.


  • Understand and apply tests to establish or refute the presence of a proportional relationship between two variables, including
    • Constant Ratio Test for Proportionality
    • Equivalent Ratios Test for Proportionality
    • Equation Test for Proportionality
    • Graphical Test for Proportionality
  • Understand and explain what differentiates proportional relationships from non-proportional relationships.

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