Creating Student-Centered ELA Classrooms Guide
Creating Student-Centered ELA Classrooms Guide

Creating Student-Centered ELA Classrooms Guide

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Creating Student-Centered Classrooms provides teachers and school leaders actionable guidance for creating collaborative, student-centered classrooms that focus on equitable opportunities for students to engage with instruction and deepen student learning.

The guide serves as a resource for teachers who are working to engage students in more student-to-student learning opportunities and centering students as the experts in the classroom. The guide helps teachers enhance instruction by building knowledge around student-centered routines that support high-level instructional tasks. The guide also provides a starting point for teachers considering how to incorporate student voice into classroom instruction by providing actionable tips for inviting students to be co-creators of the curriculum. 

Included with the guide is access to video and other tools,  such as sample tasks and student-facing task sheets, that can be studied and discussed by professional learning communities and serve as models for creating student-centered classrooms at your school. 

Each guide contains the following

  • Teachers Guide– This guide provides a foundation for creating a student-centered classroom, supporting tools, and classroom strategies designed to support the immediate implementation of student-centered routines.
  • Video examples– Watch clips of a middle school student-centered classroom in action.

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