Kindergarten Mathematics Exploration Activities for Building Number Sense

Kindergarten Mathematics Exploration Activities for Building Number Sense

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Includes 8 activities with teacher guides designed to be used regularly and repeatedly to support students in building number sense related to counting and cardinality and algebraic thinking.


  • Counting and Cardinality
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Composing and Decomposing a Quantity


  • Count items in sets and record the numbers to represent those quantities
  • Compare sets using an understanding of quantity
  • Recognize numbers in print and create sets of items to represent those numbers
  • Compose a quantity from two smaller quantities (seeing the whole made from its parts)
  • Decompose a quantity into two smaller quantities (seeing the parts inside the whole)
  • Record numbers and addition equations to represent the part-part-whole relationship

Each teacher-guide includes:

  • Activity to help students build number sense (blackline masters of directions, student recording sheets, and mapping papers provided)
  • Essential Understandings of the mathematical foci of the activity and aligned standards
  • Questioning strategies, specific to essential understandings, to press for student thinking and reasoning about the mathematics

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