Grade 6: Investigating and Understanding Ratios (CCSSM Version)

Grade 6: Investigating and Understanding Ratios (CCSSM Version)

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  • Investigate and Understand Part:Part and Part:Whole Ratios
  • Investigate and Understand Rates and Measurement Conversions

Unit includes

  • 14 high-level tasks with associated QuickStarts, Practices, Applications, and Quick Writes.
  • 2 checkpoints and 4 support activities.
  • 1 final performance-based assessment with scoring guide.


  • Develop the understanding that ratios are a comparison of two quantities in a multiplicative relationship.
  • Recognize the difference between part:part and part:whole ratios.
  • Determine if the information they are provided is a part:part or a part:whole ratio.
  • Develop and use strategies for scaling ratios, including use of tables and tape diagrams.
  • Recognize and manipulate percents as part:whole ratios.
  • Understand that percents are always in relation to a whole of 100%.
  • Develop an understanding of rates.
  • Analyze and use tables and double number lines to identify the units of measure being compared in a rate.
  • Explore, represent, and solve constant price per item situations, problems of constant speed, and measurement conversion problems.

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