Conferring Online Workshop

Conferring Online Workshop

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In this workshop, participants will learn how to use the Content-Focused Coaching Model (CFC) of professional learning to build and enhance a culture of continuous learning in a school. Participants will engage in a learning-based instructional routine that includes building knowledge, seeing models, engaging in practice opportunities, and reflecting and talking with colleagues to learn to confer effectively with teachers.

Our focus in this workshop is to assist experienced coaches to enhance the effectiveness of their one-on-one conferring practice with teachers by

  • utilizing a learning-based structure to online learning that includes building knowledge, seeing models of practice, engaging in practice opportunities, talking with peers, and reflecting on one’s own learning.
  • providing models and tools for supporting a culture of continuous learning among educators.
  • providing models and cognitive tools to support effective pre- and post-conference interactions.
  • providing assignments that require thinking and application of new learning.
  • engaging participants in ongoing reflection on their conferring practice.

Coaching Resources You Will Obtain as Products of Your Participation

  • ELA Guide to Coach-Teacher Resources
  • Diagram of the Conferring Process to Share with Teachers
  • Framework for Student-Teacher Text Discussion Interactions
  • Conferring Moves for Evidence-Based Reflection
  • Evidence-Based Reflection Tool
  • Guidelines for Planning Pre-Conferences and Post-Conferences
  • Pre-Conference and Post-Conference Planning Forms
  • Models of Transcripts That Illustrate the Use of Conferring Moves in Action
  • Core Issues of Lesson Design and Reflection
  • Coaching Self-Assessment
  • Criteria for Effective Coaching Practice

Pre-requisites: Online workshop “Text Discussion for Reading Comprehension” or face-to-face professional learning on Questioning the Author.

Registration Note: We will follow up with the email address related to this purchase for more attendee information. 

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