Grade 3: Multiplication Situations (CCSSM Version)

Grade 3: Multiplication Situations (CCSSM Version)

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  • Equal Group Multiplication Situations
  • Array/Area Model Multiplication Situations
  • Measurement Multiplication Situations

Unit includes

  • 14 high-level tasks with associated QuickStarts, Practices, Applications, and Quick Writes.
  • 2 checkpoints and 4 support activities.
  • 1 final performance-based assessment with scoring guide.


  • Explore and solve equal group multiplication situations.
  • Understand and identify the meaning of the factors as one being the number of equal groups and the other as the group size.
  • Use a variety of representations, including manipulatives, diagrams, finger counting, and the number line models, to make sense of multiplication and to arrive at the product.
  • Explore, compare, and use various strategies for multiplying, including skip counting, the use of repeated addition, known multiplication equations, and related multiplication equations.
  • Explore and solve array and area model situations.
  • Understand that rows with items/square tiles or columns with items/square tiles represent a multiplication situation.
  • Understand that an area, when rotated, still represents the same product or area.
  • Explore and solve measurement multiplication situations.
  • Recognize that iterations of measures can represent equal groups.

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