Curated Text Sets Digital License (Grades 4-12)

Curated Text Sets Digital License (Grades 4-12)

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Our text sets cohere around topics that have discernible and significant points of comparison that invite questions beyond superficial observations. For example, the texts might lend themselves to questions about authors’ points of view or focus or take up different themes relating to identity. These texts have been vetted and are complex, grade-level appropriate, and allow for standards-based work.

By purchasing text sets, some of the work is lifted off of teachers so that they can focus on designing high-quality tasks and instructional routines. 

Grades 4-5 The Issue of Child Labor
Grades 5-6 Opinions on Space Exploration
Grades 5-6 Analysis of Theme: Identity
Grades 6-7 Points of View on Sleep
Grades 7-8 Analysis of Theme: Degrees of Happiness
Grades 7-8 Forensic Anthropology and the Science of Solving Crimes
Grades 9-10 Analysis of Theme
Grades 11-12 The Abolition of Slavery
Grades 11-12  Narrating Women’s Lives

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